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    This was started as a learning project for myself based on the work /u/retardeted did with HitGrabber and quickly evolved into HIT Notifier.
    You will need to allow this website to use notifications in order for browser alerts to work (Chrome and Firefox). You will get an alert every time a HIT is posted to MturkCrowd.com, MturkGrind.com, MturkForum.com and /r/HITsWorthTurkingFor.
    If there are any issues that pop up or you have an idea to improve HIT Notifier, feel free to send a message to me on Reddit, or an email to me at hitnotifier@gmail.com

    Features on the Horizon
  • A help section with useful links and short guides.
  • Make Scraper act as logged in.
  • Add options for Scraper.

  • Bugs
  • Word wrap not working correctly for HWTF posts causing a display issue.

  • Changelog
  • 06/30/16: Added Scraper. Currently acts as a logged out HIT Scraper and no options.
  • 06/30/16: Fixed issue with spoilers from the forum exports.
  • 06/29/16: Content widened a little and display fixed on mobile.
  • 06/29/16: Filter by HIT totals added (Partially implemented).
  • 06/25/16: Filtering out US only HITs added.
  • 06/24/16: Chat box added + option to turn it off.
  • 06/24/16: Settings save through browser sessions.

  • I hope you are having a great experience using HIT Notifier! If you want to help support HIT Notifier, make a donation of any size!


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